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Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
41 SouthHollow.us


SouthHollow.us is now on 1.13! Great Community with Survival, Skyblock, Hide&Seek, Custom PvP arenas, and our unique Natural Disasters Servers. Come and join the fun on SouthHollow.us

0/0 offline
42 steyncraft


family friendly server with survival skyblock we host some modded servers join for a relaxed gaming time

17/250 online
43 Playwild


~PLAYWILD SERVER ip:playwild.serv.nu Welcome to the playwild server, home of fun minigames and lot's to do! If you find any issues please report it here or message a member of staff if a staff member is online! If you ...

0/50 offline
44 PianMC


Discord Server: https://discord.gg/x3kntKdCome and check it out!

0/0 offline
45 Heretix


Heretix is a community survival server, featuring plugins to protect your builds and give you plenty to work towards! Either work towards being the top of the leaderboards, building with your friends, or just play the game with ev...

0/5 online
46 Poke Meadows


Welcome back Pixelmoners and welcome to Poke Meadows!Pixelmon Version | 5.1.2 - New VersionWebsite: http://www.pokemeadows.comServer Ip: play.pokemeadows.comPoké Meadows has now officially launched!!------------------------------...

43/100 online
47 EarthLordPvP


- Completely custom class system. - Loot steal prevention. - Completely custom token system.- Combat logging prevention. - Chat protection and ad prevention. - Custom crate reward system. - Amazing auction system, - Holograms...

1/96 offline
48 Survival Galaxy


We have the best of everything here at Survival Galaxy, our number one priority here is that everyone is treated equally and we try to keep everything fair. This is a server where the player has a voice, we are always taking sugge...

0/50 offline
49 PayidarCraft


1.8.X - 1.12.X - 1.13.XFACTIONSTürkiyenin Uzun Soluklu Yeni Sunucusu PayidarCraftWebsite: www.payidarcraft.com

0/0 offline
50 SkorrloreGaming


SkorrloreGaming is a network supporting 1.7 and above and has been running since late 2013. We have several mini-games to keep you entertained on the server, and our most played one is Skyfight. Please come and join the team today...

0/380 online
51 ClubSurvival


Welcome to the ClubSurvival server page! ClubSurvival is a survival-based server that has a survival world that has much to do on it with more types of gameplay to come! This server is advancing rapidly with active and attentive s...

0/1 online
52 Lichcraftia Network


The once popular Lichcraft server has returned with a new name, new owner and most importantly, you get all the same commands and your Lichcraft rank back! Enjoy the classic survival server with the upgrades of Lichcraftia! Creati...

0/0 offline
53 Asgard Ascension


Asgard Ascension a unique Prison Server based around the realm of Norse Mythology. This truly is a unique server, from our rankup challenges, to our tokens. We strive to show and provide a server which you would not see anywhere e...

0/250 online
54 SurvivalRealms


- Legacy Realms is a faction/economy server that offers a experience any type of player may enjoy! - Although griefing/raiding is not allowed, we chose to keep the PvP element of the game to add extra depth to our server!- We have...

0/15 online
55 RC-Crafters


Welcome to RC-Crafters A Customized Skyblock server. Come Join us on our skyblock features for everyone to enjoy! Survival World With Pstones installed to Protect your builds. JobsReborn and TokenShop to ear Crate KeysGreat commun...

1/500 offline
56 EpiphanyCraft

A close knit Faction server with friendly staff!

0/0 online
57 ★ CraftBlock!


CraftBlock is a small but friendly community and one of the best Minecraft survival servers you could play on. We have various ranks, plugins, and events to elevate your gameplay, and to give you a unique but fun experience in Min...

12/40 online
58 Pika-network


-=Pika-Network=-The Pika-Network has 18 servers. This are all our servers:-Factions-OP Factions 1 and 2-Prison-OP Prison-Survival-Creative-Skyblock Ice and Classic Skyblock-KitPvP-Skywars 1 and 2-Buildwars-SurvivalGamesWe also hav...

455/2500 online
59 RSMV.net


Home of XRUN !!!  62 MAPS! Played by Youtubers! Thousands of Videos!Hyperdrive! Extreme Flying!Poke Go!  (Pokemon Go in Minecraft - no downloads needed) Gotta Catch Them All!MageCraft! Magic in survival! Rituals, scrolls, cus...

12/1000 online
60 IridiumFactions



7/250 offline