Owner HenryHoover
Status offline
Players 9/200
Version 1.13.2
Rank 21
Votes 139
Uptime 74.3%
Last Check 1 month(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types PrisonPvPEconomy


We are an super op prison server with a-z ranks and prestige. We normally do dp's 20 players on the server. We are also taking STAFF applications too! We do have rules so please if you join the server make sure to go and check out the RULES so you dont end up getting muted or further, banned!

We have a load of plugins such as votifier and custom enchants which makes the server a whole lot more fun to play on! Our community of staff are really nice and we do help out players if they need the help of if they are new to prison we can help them gain there way to victory! We have some extra plugins added too!