Straight Up Survival
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Status offline
Players 4/48
Rank 78
Votes 1
Uptime 98.6%
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Country United States


Server Address: - Currently troubleshooting a Domain IP (Coming soon!)

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2


StraightUpSurvival is a competitive style server. Raiding, griefing, and pvp are encouraged. Players who join StraightUpSurvival often mention that this is the first server they have played on in years. We are simple and true to the game. We do not support any sort of added plugin protection. No one can claim land, lock chests, or disable PVP.

StraightUpSurvival is your favorite server.
Server HistoryStraightUpSurvival has been running on and off for ~6 years. Each time we reset the server we call it a new Generation. Current generation: 2018.1 began in early January.
Changes from Vanilla Minecraft
Players can create clans. (/clan)
Players can teleport with an eight second delay to:
Spawn (/spawn)
Their personal home (/sethome, /home)
Their clan home (/clan set home, /clan home)
Other players (/tpa , /tpaccept)
Warps we may set (/warp )
Player will hear a \"ding\" noise when someone says their name in chat.
Ore generation has been reduced.
Zombie pigmen do not drop gold of any kind.
Spawners can be obtained with any silk touch pickaxe.
Ender chests are disabled.
DonationsWe have a donor position for those who donate to StraightUpSurvival. Donations are helpful and keep the server running. Donor Perks: Supporting and donating to sus will provide you with:
A Gold Name instead of a Grey name.
The ability to change spawners (/spawner ) to Zombie, ZombiePigman, and Skeleton.
An aesthetic Donor kit:
Official Admin Feather (Feather with custom name)
Official Donor leather armour (Dyed Gold)
Mawcks' Head
Zerek's Head
Wasted_Ticks' Head
The ability to go onto \"Donor Property\" below spawn.

Server Rules
1. No 3rd party tools which give a competitive advantage.
2. Adhere to